About November Notebook

Mr. Goodman, is that you?

Yes. Yes it is.


What’s Going On Here?

November Notebook is my blog dedicated to Young Adult literature. It’s for teens, adults, ghosts, aliens, minor deities, major deities, time travelers, and whoever else wants to read it.

I’ll be writing reviews, character profiles, gender studies, and classroom instruction possibilities. You’ll probably hate it.


Why YA?

I didn’t read a ton of YA as a kid. I wound up jumping straight from Matt Christopher and Goosebumps right into Tolkien. In college, I had a great course on lit for teens that had us read a few amazing titles. When I first started teaching middle school, I wanted to make a classroom library for my students. That led me to buying Uglies in Barnes & Noble. Which led me to Laurie Halse Anderson, S.E. Hinton, and Garth Nix. Which led me to…


Why “November Notebook”?

1. The month of November is rather important to me.

2. It represent a time of reflection for many people.

3. Alliteration. Duh.

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