BONUS POST: Book Trailer for Neil Gaiman’s FORTUNATELY, THE MILK

Neil Gaiman is one of those people. You know what I mean. He’s brilliant. He writes astounding short AND long fiction. He’s British. In other words, I’m insanely jealous of him.

Behold: a trailer for FORTUNATELY, THE MILK, which was released some time ago, but is now available in paperback.

BONUS POST: A Quote From Pat Rothfuss

You can’t go wrong with Pat Rothfuss. The man understands language, story-telling, kindness, and humor. He crafts novels that strike me on a deeper level than most authors ever do. He also knows how to write an excellent book review.

Now, I haven’t read THE GIRL WHO CIRCUMNAVIGATED FAIRYLAND IN A SHIP OF HER OWN MAKING by Catherynne Valente but I immediately went ahead and added it to my queue after reading this quip from Rothfuss:

“This book is beautiful. The language is lovely without being pretentious. The story is careful and playful and smart. This book made me tear up in places. Not because it is particularly sad. But because sometimes when a story is true and sweet and perfectly shaped, it puts its hand around my heart.”

I think that’s what all of us want in a good story. That’s what makes us into lifelong readers.


BONUS POST: Mac Barnett TED Talk – “Why a Good Book is a Secret Door”

Today, I’m going to recommend that you take 15 minutes and watch something that is absolutely brilliant.

Mac Barnett discusses the craft of fiction, lying to children, and creating meta-fiction. The man’s creativity and imagination is stunning, especially when he starts talking about his time travel store.

(A HUGE thank you to Darshan Jain for sending me this video in the first place.)

BONUS POST: Ad for AFTERWORLDS by Scott Westerfeld

Scott Westerfeld has a new novel coming out. I love his writing (UGLIES, PEEPS, SO YESTERDAY) and I can’t wait to see what this new tale is going to be.

Check out this semi-sort-of-trailer for it.

WARNING: Contains John Green, James Dashner, Holly Black, and Gayle Forman, among others.