My First Book is Out on May 4th!

Hello, readers!

On May 4th, 2015, my very first novel will be available on Amazon!

I cannot wait for you to be able to read Agent Darcy and Ninja Steve in…Tiger Trouble!

It’s a story about ninjas, secret agents, ghosts, robots, and adventure. You’ll find spin kicks, sword slashes, and sneakery. There are rivalries, old grudges, and romances.

I suppose it’s aimed at a 10-14 year old audience, but I honestly think it’s suitable for anyone who still remembers how to be an imaginative kid at heart. So, let’s say it’s for ages 8 to 800.

Head on over to my official website for more info AND a free 50 page sample!

Here are the cover images:

tiger trouble back cover author name on spine

4 thoughts on “My First Book is Out on May 4th!

  1. Hi it is Avi Grant a student in your class from last year. I wanted to say that I really want to read your new book. It sounds great. I really liked your ninja Steve vocabulary stories from last year and I am excited to read this book. I saw the poster that you put up around the school. Thank you for being a great teacher and I still remember my Shakespeare lines from last year. Thanks


    • Avi, I think it is awesome that you enjoyed the Ninja Steve vocabulary stories from class last year! I had so much fun writing those little adventures that I knew I had to write about his big adventures, too. I think you’re going to really, really like this book!

      The fact that you remember your lines as Oberon is so cool! You worked really hard to memorize them and now they’ve stuck with you!


      • Thank you. Have you gotten your other book published, too? I bet that one will be great too! Also in English class with Mr. Jain we have started learning about As You Like It. We started to read a summary of the play and watch the movie. It is a lot of fun. Have a great day!


      • Hey Avi! My other book series is going to take a little bit longer to get going. (Maybe this time next year.) In the meantime, though, I’m already working on the Ninja Steve sequel!

        It’s great that you’re in Mr. Jain’s class. He’s one of my best friends and I’m sure he’s an excellent Shakespeare instructor, too!


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