Three Books I’m Thankful For

FAHRENHEIT 451, for being a cornerstone of my life. For the constant reminder that language is magic. For the message that misery comes in many forms, that darkness can be created by fire, that sometimes the only to move forward is to destroy almost everything that was behind you. For the never ending inspiration.

FEED by M.T. Anderson, for its discussion of materialism and how easily some of us would sell our lives in exchange for constant entertainment. For reminding me of the difference between access to information and knowledge.

THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins, for pointing out that so many countries sacrifice their children to war and think little of it. For criticizing our ridiculous celebrity culture. For making my heart rate reach unhealthy levels.

4 thoughts on “Three Books I’m Thankful For

  1. “Feed” sounds very interesting. Of course I love “The Hunger Games” Fahrenheit 451 I did not enjoy, and everybody I talk to wants to kill me when I say this. I loved the idea of it, but I just didn’t like the writing.


      • Hey Avi! It’s great to hear from you! I’m really glad that you liked Fahrenheit 451. If you liked that, you should also try reading The Martian Chronicles. It is full of amazing short stories that are all about Mars. Thank you reading this article, and leaving me a comment!


  2. Feed is one of the coolest reads out there and I highly recommend it. It’s written in future slang, the characters all have the internet embedded in their brains, and they’re all subjected to hundreds of advertisements an hour.

    No worries on not loving Fahrenheit. Prose speaks differently to everyone 🙂

    What’s one of your favorites that you’d recommend?


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